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vission of acps

*    We are started above organization 6 years Back to strengthen all Indian Vysya in all manners.

*   We are conducting National Swminar to unite vysyas.

*   We are Fight against Injustice in Reservation

*   We are Giving maral Sujpport to small business men

*   We are Demanding all Governments to Provide shelter to poor Vysyas

*   Any Vysya's Facing any Injustice in any field we will Fight Politically,Morally,Fianancially to Provide justice to them

*   South Indian Arya vysya Political Leader are facing negligency in all Political Partes. We fight for justice.

*   We are appealing all National & Local Parties to Provide Seats in all Categories

*   We are Very Much Available any time to solve any Problem Facing Arya Vysya's in all Corners of India

*  Please feel free to Contact us


mission of acps

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